What makes us different?

Made in Nature

We incorporate the concept of Vegetable Protection: To Maximize the use of vegetable ingredients in our formulas.

Made by Nature

We communicate honestly

Made in Nature

Our formulas are exclusive. Free of Petrochemicals, Parabens and Silicones.

Made in Nature

No ingredients of animal origin, nor test in them. We are part of PETA

Made in Nature

Healthy products.

We care and spoil your body, mind and heart


We take care of your body, using the best ingredients, and avoiding in all our products, the questioned chemicals.


We take care of your mind, with plants, they have an immense natural power: to heal, to nourish body and soul and even change our mental state. They live in a calm and balanced way, at peace.


We take care of your heart by making sure that all our products are free of cruelty: We do not use animal-derived ingredients, nor do we carry out efficacy tests in them.

So, you know that when you use Omnitural products you take care and consent yourself knowing that you haven't hurt anything or anyone.

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