Breathing exercises to relax and leave stress behind

Breathing exercises to relax and leave stress behind


Surely your day goes by so fast that you get home without energy, loaded with stress and worries. One way to work and leave constant stress aside is by practicing simple breathing exercises. Do you dare to try them?

There are several ways to drain stress and pressure, the method you choose to perform depends on your preferences. One of the best ways – not time consuming -  is doing exercises at home. You can combine breathing exercises with physical activity.  We also recommend activating breath through a therapeutic aroma process. Have you tried massages with essential oils?

Take note! Many times, we do not pay attention to the way we breathe, and we only do it unconsciously. When you are aware of your breathing, you can enter a state of total relaxation. Obviously, this requires continuous and disciplined practice.

How does it work?

The breathing exercises are part of a strategy that helps you conveniently in times of stress. You can perform them before performing an important activity to control your nerves and drain the pressures. Also, when you start your day or at night when you get home and before going to bed.

We present 5 breathing exercises that you can practice in the comfort of your home. You can also do them in your office or during a conversation, whenever you need to release pressures and leave stress behind.

Abdominal breathing

It consists of trying to breathe using the abdominal muscles. For this you must inhale deeply, being aware of the muscles you are using. Avoid raising your chest, rather concentrate only on the abdominal area. Hold the air in your lungs for 10 seconds and then exhale through your mouth slowly.

Thoracic breathing

Unlike the previous breathing exercise, in this variation the intention is to use the chest muscles. Inhale deeply taking care to elevate only the thorax muscles. Hold the air for 10 seconds and then exhale through the mouth slowly.

Breathing the shoulders

In this case, the objective is to breathe using the abdominal and thoracic musculature as little as possible. Inhale trying to prevent your chest and abdomen from expanding, using the upper area of ​​your body – neck, shoulders and clavicles - then expire slowly.

Integral breathing

In this modality you must use all your musculature to breathe. Take a deep breath looking to expand your abdomen and thorax, hold the air and expel it slowly. Do you feel better?

Breathing and positive words

Try this simple method. Each time you slowly breathe in, you think of a word that generates well-being, good memories or positive energy. For example, the name of your child, a special place or a phrase like "I feel good." Then, when expelling the air through the mouth, again very slowly, choose another word with the same characteristics.  Repeat 15 times using the two chosen words, you will notice how a sense of wellbeing and tranquility invades you.

Some recommendations that you should keep in mind

You should repeat each modality of these breathing exercises 3 to 5 times per session. For better results, we recommend doing them twice a day.

Get away from everything around you for a few minutes, so being aware of your own breathing can serve you. These breathing exercises give you a sense of intimacy with yourself.  According to the ABC newspaper, breathing slowly provides psychological benefits that are then evident in your daily life. Go ahead and try something new.

Remember, the use of essential oils aroma - when breathing - helps the brain activate easier and quicker, reaching moments of relaxation and inner peace in a simple way. You must make sure that the oil is of topical use, apply it by massaging your temple, behind the earlobes, wrists or run your fingers under your nostril.

Use them in cauldrons and when doing your breathing exercises!

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Take care of your body, mind & heart.

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