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Trust in the protection that nature gives you.

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Coconut,Shea, Marigold, Burdock, Salvia and Anise


El desodorante vegetal transpirante es elaborado sin ingredientes dañinos como Aluminio, Irgasán, petroquímicos, parabenos, ni fragancias sintéticas. Este desodorante de insumos vegetales, micro esferas de Sílice y Silver citrate solution con su textura cremosa, es 96% vegetal y mineral y forma un escudo invisible, que sin tapar tus glándulas sudoríparas, es absorbente y con pH equilibrado, neutraliza el mal olor y protege tu ropa de la transpiración. Es perfecto para usar en pieles sensibles por el poder de la Caléndula, el Karité, la Bardana y el Coco.


Sweat regulates body temperature and helps eliminate toxins. With this deodorant you preserve these advantages without generating a bad smell and keeping you dry. This deodorant of vegetable inputs, microspheres of silica and Silver citrate solution with its creamy texture, is 96% vegetable and mineral and forms an invisible shield, which without covering your sweat glands, is absorbent and with a balanced pH in the armpits, neutralizing bad odor and protecting your clothes from perspiration. Its advantages:
Breathable: eliminates bad odor through our exclusive blend of Burdock, Anis, Eucalyptus, Calendula, Shea, Coconut, Sage, Spruce, Lavender and Silver plant and mineral extracts.
Moisturizing This natural combination is integral because we combine the antibacterial mixture with Coconut, Calendula and Karite oil to hydrate the skin. The Ph 4.5 maintains the acid mantle of your skin in the armpits.
Soft: It is perfect for sensitive skin. Our combination of plant and mineral ingredients with skin conditioning ingredients that do not cause irritation. No baking soda and no synthetic fragrances.
Healthy: Without aluminum, Irgasan, silicones, Bicarbonate or Petrochemicals, Parabens, Salt or Alcohol. Only healthy ingredients, 96% of them of mineral and vegetable origin.
In conclusion, we neutralize bad odor and humidity in a natural way, creating a balanced pH environment that maintains you with a fresh aroma.

How To

Apply it after the shower in the armpits in a uniform layer and allows its absorption. If you bathe at night, its use after the shower is also recommended. Use it as many times as needed according to your lifestyle.

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