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The scent of roses acts as a natural detoxifier. It is also the aroma of Love.

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Rose essential oil, Cottonseed oil, Rosemary oil, Tinogard TT, Mint, Menthol, Camphor essential oil, Tea tree oil, Cinnamon essential oil, Peppermint essential oil, Rosemary essential oil & Sunflower oil.


The essential oil of Roses is ideal for attenuating stretch marks, keloids, scars and wrinkles in the expression line, it has a powerful regenerating and emollient effect on the skin, since it is rich in fatty acids such as oleic acid, linoleic acid, in addition to vitamin A and some ketone compounds.


Essential oils from different plants have been used for relaxation and therapeutic purposes for centuries. This perfect blend of oils, seeks to take all the power of aromas and turn it into a positive catalyst for our senses, generating harmony of body, mind and heart.

How To

Applying it directly through gentle circular massages on the temples, wrists, behind the ears or near the nose, adding it to a quantity of hot water (either for inhalations, aromatizing the environment through steam, for a foot bath, using it in the tub, sauna or Turkish), in a cauldron, added in a relaxing massage, in compresses, in a pillow or handkerchief, or in cotton to aromatize spaces such as bed or closet

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